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Choose a sustainable design and the rental period in the calendar and look forward to your Zero Waste companion. Resources saved Made from renewable and recycled raw materials. Waterproof & durable with clear supply chains and clear production - Made in Berlin & Hamburg. Waterproof urban backpacks for climbing mountains and school bags that can also be taken on bike tours. Shipping in reusable, reusable packaging! Better for you and the planet. Now also for rent: Inspiring sustainable play ideas for the creative children's room.

you still have questions

How does renting work?

The name of the design is above the booking calendar in which the start and end of the booking can be selected. Select the period and the rental price is displayed. There is a lead time of 7 days before the start of the rental period for postage.

How do I choose the rental period?

In the availability calendar, click on a date with a green circle »Choose a date to start booking«. Now the circle turns gray and »Choose a return« appears. With the arrows < next to the month > it is possible to go further in the calendar in the months. Then select the end date and click, the circle turns gray and the rental period appears with gray bars. Now the lower green field reads »Book for XY €« , please click and let us guide you through the booking step by step.

Is there a security deposit?

The deposit is paid at the time of booking and after the school bag has been checked for damage in our factory, it is transferred back at the end of the rental period. In the case of major damage such as cuts, holes, missing elements, stains that cannot be removed by cleaning, repair costs will be deducted from the deposit. If the bag is lost, the original sales price applies.

How are the bags cleaned?

The bags are carefully cleaned, ironed, aired, spare parts are exchanged and restored to “like new” condition, in other words a complete overhaul. There is a cleaning fee of €9.90 for this.

How does shipping and returns work?

The bags are sent in reusable re-pack bags. Easy to close/open with the practical Velcro fastener. Please keep the RePack until the end of the rental period and use it to send the rented design back to SuperRanzen by post and the tracking number by email to Or arrange an Agbabe appointment in the Berlin manufactory by email.

My rented bag was "hurt", now what?

Things just happen sometimes. Bicycle crash or whatever a tear/ hole/ stain got into the bag or a buckle got lost etc. .. Please take a picture and send it to We will then solve the problem together



Follow the link and put together your unique customized design in the Customizer and enter your mail.

Then put the Customized Design in the shopping cart in the shop and check out with the same e-mail address. Then we can assign your design and start making the »one of a kind« unique bag in the manufactory.